What are some of the fundamentals to building a cobra back?

What are some of the fundamentals to building a cobra back?

This is AGM Physique and this is my very first blog article! First of all, welcome. Secondly, now that you are here, let’s get you BIG.  Let’s start by going back to 2016, when I worked at Amazon. One day I was walking through the warehouse and one of my coworkers stopped me and said “Brother your back is so wide I knew that was you from a mile away”. I said to myself “” “Dude,” he replied “it’s BIG. It looks like a Cobra.” he then went on to ask me my secrets for getting my back that big. I’ll tell you what I told him: Just keep it basic, stick to the fundamentals. Stick to the compound movements, that is what builds a big cobra back.

The back is a very key part of building an overall aesthetic frame for both men and women. It’s one half of the posterior chain, the other half are the glutes, hamstrings & calves. Men want to have the X-man frame: a small waist with a wide back better known as the v-taper. Women, on the other hand, want the same thing. This helps make their butt look bigger and rounder which in case most women want. The back has so many muscle groups that deals with your balance and extremities, it’s basically like a tree trunk and its branches.

Now what exercises build a cobra back? There are three major back workouts that build a cobra back.  Number one are Deadlifts, number two Barbell Row and number three Pull-ups or Chin-ups. Each one of these movements have a variety of ways to train your back in different angles but we are keeping it basic with these compound movements for the back.

So who likes to Deadlift? Deadlift is one of the best overall compound movements for your whole body especially for your back. The deadlift hits every single muscle in your back from the latissimus dorsi, rhomboids, trapezius and rear deltoids. There is one muscle in the back that the deadlift hits that deals with everyday functional movement and that’s the spinal erectors. The spinal erectors is a muscle group in the lower back which is very delicate. The key is to get the spinal erectors strong overtime. When the spinal erectors are strong every other workout dealing with this muscle group will become easy. The deadlift is a good movement to add muscle to your posterior chain; which includes your back, hamstrings, calves and glutes. Your grip will be tested on this movement.  But your grip will grow stronger overtime. Just keep in mind guys safety first when deadlifting!!

Barbell Row is one of the oldest back movements in human history. The primary mover for the barbell row is the latissimus dorsi muscle which is one of the biggest muscle groups in the upper body. The barbell row helps with building the thickness of latissimus dorsi. Besides working the lats the barbell row also hits all three trapezius muscle groups the upper, middle and lower portion. Most people have good front and medial deltoids but neglect their rear deltoids. This causes the shoulders not to have a round look to them and unfortunately you will have unbalanced shoulders. The barbell row hits the rear deltoids giving you that round 3D look on your shoulders and also helps you with stabilizing yourself with push movements such as the barbell bench press. It is not hard to understand why this workout has lasted for so long.

The basic of the basic, we all should know what pull-ups and chin-ups are. Most of us have done these bad boys in gym class. Both chin-ups and pull-ups are basically the same only one slight difference. The chin-up hits more of the biceps as it still works the back and the pull-up focus on the back a tad bit more dealing with the width of the back. Pull-ups and chin-ups are functional movements so this will help strengthen your core and your posture as well. Besides both of these movements working the latissimus dorsi and trapezius they also help build up the rear deltoids, upper pectorals and your long head of the tricep. To get stronger and bigger on this movement add some weights. You will definitely have to challenge yourself after while. If you want a wide V-taper make sure your doing some pull-ups or chin-ups.

To wrap things up we can say each one of these three back workouts will help build an overall complete back with size and strength. Not only will your back get stronger but your core and stabilizer muscles will also get stronger. Remember in order to get a cobra back think of the big 3, Deadlift, Barbell Row and Chin-ups/Pull-Ups.

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