Why Did I Get into Fitness

Hey everybody I just want to say thank you to everyone that read my first blog post on AgmPhysique.com. My goal is to talk about my personal experiences in the fitness industry, educate and keep you up to date on my lifestyle. There will be plenty of more content coming!! I hope everyone having a bless Monday!!

Every endeavor we go into we start off at the bottom and work our way to the top. The first thing that comes to my mind is Drake hit rap song “started from the bottom”. There are plenty of obstacles I’ve been through such as; being a entrepreneur, a student athlete and much more. At the end of the day these obstacles are temporary and we all can get to the top. Through all the problems life throws at me there is one thing I always look forward to and that’s weight lifting or just anything within fitness.

My first taste of fitness goes back to the age of 3. My uncle was a big influence in my life. He started throwing a football at me even though he knew I couldn’t catch it but eventually I caught on quick especially if your constantly getting hit the head with a football. I played pop warner football from the age of 5 to 13 years old for East Orange Falcons/Jaguars. Beside football he would sign me up for basketball camp in the summer at Seton Hall Prep. I was pretty active for the most part from a young child all the way up to my teenage years.

Even though I was active I was a skinny kid. I had my share fair of problems with being bullied from the ages of 6 to 11. I was getting bullied almost everyday and it was taking a toll on my mental health. Even though I got bullied I always fought back, I was never scared just wasn’t big enough. I remember this one time this kid named Abdul pulled my underwear over my head. I was so pissed off after that happen. I told myself this is the last time I’m getting bullied. When I started middle school I began to put on some body mass. Nothing crazy but enough to keep most of the bullies away even though I still had one. I was reading bodybuilding/power lifting magazine and watching boxing matches which inspire me to get bigger.  While I was in middle school one of my teachers taught me how to box. Then eventually I took the step further to learn kickboxing. None of my family members knew that I was getting bullied on a consistent basis or that I starting training for boxing and kickboxing. I always try to fix my own problems before asking for help even up until this day. Overall by learning boxing/kickboxing and lifting I grew so much confidence. Besides gaining confidence, I learned discipline, I learned how to control my temper and learned how to have empathy for other people. You’ll never be 100 percent but overtime you’ll get better. In my case I can say I’m better than what I was before.

Once I got to Hillside high school I played every single sport you can think of but my main two sports came down to football and track. Football was a passion of mine but I wasn’t good as my uncle. I was better at track though it wasn’t my favorite. I had more success in track especially high jumping. My junior and senior year I was ranked in the top 20 for high jumpers. I was jumping close to 6’8” at a height of 5’10”.  I still had my nerdiness in high school but nobody bother me. I was so called popular but wasn’t I didn’t hang with all the athletes or the so called gang bangers. I was a loner and still am to this day. I have a small circle of people I’m with and I like to keep it like that.

College came and I stuck with football rather than track. One of my biggest regrets but you live and you learn. I had a couple of scholarships for track and none for football. Delaware State a D1AA school was offering a partial scholarship for track whereas Wesley College was a D3 school that had an amazing football program with a high tuition especially being a private college. I went to Wesley College to play football. Ended up staying for a year and transferring to William Paterson University. I lost my passion for football while I was at Wesley College. When I tried out for William Paterson University, I basically made the team but change my mind to play. I just focus on my major in Sport Management and Kinesiology. While studying I grew to love the art of the human body. That’s when everything clicked, I want to help transform people lives hence personal fitness training and bodybuilding.

I’m an avid learner and before I start training people I got mentored by Chris Flores and James Boyle. I’ve already been certified to train clients but I told myself let me study from them. Chris and James are professors at Kean University. James was my high school athletic training teacher and Chris own his own fitness studio in Westfield, NJ at the time. James taught me about injury prevention and the mechanics of the body as Chris taught me about the business side of training and much more. Before I started my own business I trained at almost every corporate gym. I just got tired of the politics and rules and decided it was time to step out on my own. The experience of working a corporate was good for me though. That’s where AgmPhysique and Iron Alpha comes into play. I grew fascinated with taking my body to the edge. I did my first men’s physique show in 2014 and my second show in 2015. My first show I won and the second show I came 4th to last. I needed to be example of what I expect out of myself but most importantly my clients. From there I started to do free lance modeling and other gigs open up for me such as security and starring in music videos.

Overall I can say don’t let an obstacle hold you back, find a solution for it. I was being bullied and I got into boxing, kickboxing and lifting. These three activities kept my mind in order and my uncle being an influence as well. If he didn’t get me involved in sports at a young age I may not be into fitness and have different opportunities. Who Knows!! Everything in life happens for a reason it’s up to you to change your reality. Blessings to everyone from AgmPhysique!!

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